You can’t go long without going to Seminyak’s “Eat Street” (that’s Jl. Petitenget for newbies), whether it’s revisiting a beloved restaurant or trying out a newcomer to the scene. F&B in Bali moves fast, to a point where it can get a bit overwhelming to keep up with all the latest happenings.

But every time something new happens, we always ask ourselves: is it really new or just the same old concept recycled?

So yes, it was a pleasure that a recent visit to a relatively new addition to the neighborhood managed to get us excited again for the new restaurants on the Island of the Gods.

Opened in March of last year, NOAA Social Dining is, at first glance, a beautiful and vibrant dining venue. Coconut Bali was recently invited to dine here and we were pleasantly surprised with our dining experience.

Let’s talk about the atmosphere first. Here we have a warm space with a contemporary design, composed of floor-to-ceiling windows and elegant furniture; which honestly reminds us a bit of the restaurants in Jakarta. It could be described as ‘sophisticated’, but the vibe we got was laid back enough that everyone was considering visiting this place.

The interior of NOAA Social Dining. Photo: Bali coconut

A quick glance at the menu might leave you a little confused, as NOAA has a bit of everything. We’re talking about dim sum, sushi rolls and pizzas from the same kitchen. While the good news is that there is something for everyone, we can’t help but worry (at first) that a lack of culinary focus could ruin this establishment.

It was the Lombok Oysters (IDR 160,000 / US $ 12) that kicked off our evening meal, and those of you who like to sip raw oysters will likely find joy here at NOAA as they have quite a selection. fresh and tasty, served on ice with sambal matah (raw, spicy shallot salsa) and ponzu sauce. We are now convinced that everything is better with sambal matah, as it should be, and the same is undoubtedly true for raw oysters.

Then the Dragon Roll (IDR99K / US $ 7.25) made with shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and dynamite sauce wasn’t exactly the best sushi roll we’ve had. The taste was ok and considering the portion size we think it is considerably worth the price; although Coconut Bali believes their other offerings are far more worth a try – by far.

Lombok oysters and dragon roll.  Photo: Bali coconut
Lombok oysters and dragon roll. Photo: Bali coconut

The next dish really set the tone for the rest of the evening and convinced us that NOAA stands out from its peers on the Petitenget Strip. The Chicken Shumai (IDR60K / US $ 4.4) came with a twist: a in a way to (traditional Indonesian soup) broth that made a world difference. While the texture of the shumai itself is much firmer than most shumai we’ve had for dim sum, it pairs well with the broth to make a nice bite to eat. The broth itself is tasty and a bit thick, and just a bit spicy but we think it might just be considered comfort food.

Meanwhile, the grilled octopus (IDR 105,000 / US $ 7.7) was served with roasted peppers, baby leeks, pickled banana blossom and sambal hijau (green pepper paste). This one is quite tangy, both in flavor and smell, and the smoky flavor pairs well with this delicious sambal hijau.. We love the texture of our seafood because it was pleasantly chewy, perhaps a testament to that western technique mixed with Asian flavors that we were told to expect before starting our dinner.

Chicken shumai.  Photo: Bali coconut
Chicken shumai. Photo: Bali coconut
Grilled octopus.  Photo: Bali coconut
Grilled octopus. Photo: Bali coconut

The Salmon (IDR 195,000 / US $ 14.3) was decidedly not so memorable, but they do it well enough that we think it will appeal to those who prefer this particular fish. NOAA’s salmon dish is accompanied by shiitake mushrooms, baby bok choy, garlic scapes, cashews with a hot bean and garlic sauce and a crispy fish skin which we believe. , was in the spotlight.

Everything that was placed on our table throughout the evening, for your information, was just beautiful. We are talking about an impeccable presentation here, with very elegant dishes. If you’re looking to create great food content on Instagram, then NOAA has you covered.

Salmon.  Photo: Bali coconut
Salmon. Photo: Bali coconut

As for drinks, Coconut Bali tried a few on their menu, starting with the Tangerine Crush (IDR 130K / US $ 9.5), which pulls the tart out with the aroma of tangerine and basil herbs, and mixed it with some vodka and for a refreshing kick. It wasn’t the most delicious cocktail we’ve had, but considering they have a bunch of other signature cocktails on the menu, there must be something else we’d like if we were just trying. The Veg N Nuts milkshake (IDR 55,000 / US $ 4), on the other hand, is very popular with the crowd, as the vanilla ice cream, mixed avocado, nuts, milk, honey and the cream make for a truly satisfying sip. That is, if you are not the type for an overly thick milkshake.

We’ve saved the best for last, and if you’ve been reading the whole time, don’t miss the glorious Carbonara XO Pork Belly Risotto (160KIDR / US $ 12). When we looked at the ingredients we couldn’t help but think of one twist after another, but then we gave it a taste and it’s the kind of comfort you don’t expect. Coconut Bali, for one, I didn’t think we could ever compare a risotto to Nasi Tim (Indonesian Steamed Chicken Rice), but that’s what we’re reminded of when we took the first bite, and those that followed.

Carbonara XO pork belly risotto.  Photo: Bali coconut
Carbonara XO pork belly risotto. Photo: Bali coconut

This risotto uses red rice from the Tabanan regency, mixed with slowly braised pork belly, Parmesan, micro herbs and chili, and topped with an egg yolk to mix yourself up. If you’re coming to NOAA soon, try this dish and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

For dessert, we finished with Matcha-Misu (IDR 90,000 / US $ 6.6), NOAA’s green tea tiramisu made with rich custard, vodka matcha syrup and shards of dehydrated meringue. Congratulations on this wonderful presentation, even when we were not entirely satisfied with its taste.

Banana Chocolate Cake and Matcha-Misu.  Photos: Coconuts Bali
Banana Chocolate Cake and Matcha-Misu. Photos: Coconuts Bali

The chocolate banana cake (IDR 90,000 / US $ 6.6) is a winner, however, and we might have asked for another serving if we weren’t already so full. It was sweet but also light in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you have too much sugar. It is served with peanut butter, salted caramel ice cream, burnt banana and candied peanuts all marks of a nice finish to what was a memorable meal.


NOAA Social Dinner is to Jl. Petitenget n ° 2000X

Open everyday from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Telephone: +62 361 934 3112, email:



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