West Hartford-based Mandell JCC and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford are partnering with a national non-profit social catering platform to teach local Jewish millennials how to create authentic Shabbat dinners and celebrate Jewish rituals.

Example of table setting by OneTable. Courtesy Images

By Michelle Bonner, Mandell JCC

For many Jewish millennia, practicing the beautiful tradition of Shabbat is not a consistent ritual. Modern lifestyles are busy and a non-traditional work schedule can often be to blame. Whatever the reason, a national nonprofit is helping bring this custom back to the tables of people in their 20s and 30s, with a modern twist.

OneTable, a national, “Top Rated” nonprofit, which has partnered with the Mandell JCC and the Greater Hartford Jewish Community Foundation, has tapped into technology to inspire people between the ages of 21 and 39 to celebrate the Shabbat (Sabbath) dinner on Friday evening. .

Through coaching and online resources, OneTable helps make Shabbat dinner accessible to tens of thousands of people, while helping to build community and intention around the Friday night table.

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Interested 20 or 30 year olds can either request to host a dinner party or use the app to find a dinner party to attend.

“For those who do not yet have a regular Shabbat dinner practice and are looking to expand their communities, this platform gives them the tools and guidance to create one that feels authentic, enduring and valuable,” explains Lianne Sufrin, OneTable Field Director.

The social catering platform will debut in Hartford on December 13 at Hartford Flavor Company with a ‘Nosh: pitality’, ‘In the Mix’ event, where guests are invited to eat, mingle and mingle. OneTable hosts and guests. The event will offer a hands-on experience of crafting cocktails.

“This is an amazing approach for enabling a younger generation to create their own Shabbat experience,” says David Jacobs, Executive Director of Mandell JCC.

Click on the link to reserve a seat for the next “In the Mix” Shabbat dinner: Nosh: pitality. Tickets are $ 5 and you can bring a friend for free using the promo code “BOGOHartford” at checkout.

People can find a dinner party or request to host a dinner party by going to the OneTable iOS app or by logging into the website www.onetable.org.

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