Through Nonhlanhla Nozizwe Hlatshwayo Sep 1, 2021

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Officials from the KwaZulu-Natal Ministry of Social Development breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when they officially opened the new eThekwini cluster offices in Durban Central, saying the move would save the ministry millions of rand on the office rent.

The renamed Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke building on Dr Goonam Street was initially used as a garage for state cars and, according to the department, reconstruction of the building began in August 2017 and was completed in December 2020. Staff occupied the building. in March of this year.

Speaking at the launch, Makhosazane Zungu, deputy chairman of the KZN Legislative Assembly Speakers, said the department was making excellent progress in ensuring that they operate in government-owned buildings.

“It will help us to use our small budget to provide services to the population. We don’t want the department to spend any pennies on rentals. We are about to use the small budget we have by reducing rents but occupying government buildings. “

She noted that since 1997, the eThekwini cluster has been renting office space from Liberty Towers, adding that for 24 years it has been paying exorbitant rent.

“Our Durban service office has also paid rent for eight years since 2013. We have spent 102,556,000 rand converting the vehicle garage at the government pool into the beautiful offices we see today, which means the ministry will save up to Rand 118,768,000 in 10 years, ”Zungu said.

According to the ministry, the offices were accessible to public transport within the jurisdiction of the municipality of eThekwini.

In honor of the building’s name, Mannya-Maxeke’s family were present at the launch. Mannya-Maxeke’s granddaughter Olga Mannya Sema expressed her gratitude.

“As a family, we have decided to pick up where it left off and preserve its legacy. Our grandmother’s goal was to selflessly help others without expecting anything in return, and this legacy lives on, ”said Sema.


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